Flight Planning Software
  • Moving Map
  • Traffic and Positioning
  • Three Map Modes
  • Automatic Weather Information
  • Weight and Balance
  • Navigation Calculator
  • New Aircraft Checklist

Easy and Inexpensive. Flight Wizard is an easy to use, accurate and inexpensive VFR and IFR (Canada low-level airspace) flight planning software. It has been designed for general aviation pilots and includes many useful features.
Get the big picture. With your ADS-B and GPS receivers you can see aircraft traffic and be warned about possible conflict2. You can replay it all later.

Navigation Calculator
  • Flight Computer
  • Sunrise Sunset Calculator
  • Conversions
  • New Celestial Navigation Calculator homage to air navigation of yore
  • and much more...

New Aircraft Checklist
  • Edit or create your own list
  • Check item by item as you go along
Navigation Calculator. Flight Computer +, a multi featured navigation calculator, comes as an integral component of Flight Wizard.

Weather and Maps. With a single click the program connects to Nav Canada and/or Aviation Weather Center1 for the latest weather info and enables preparing your flight plans right on downloadable maps or your scanned navigation charts.

Multiple Regions. Flight Wizard supports multiple regions. The current available airports and navaids databases include the Canadian, U.S., European and Australian airspaces.

Loaded with features. Flight Wizard is a flight planner that features weight & balance calculations, various flight plan reports, GPS connectivity, flight computer, take-off and landing distances, all the aerodromes and navaids located in Canada and the U.S., three mapping modes, moving maps, and much more.

Dependability and Reliability. Serving the General Aviation community since 2000.

Try it now for FREE.

1 Rontal Colour Inc. is not associated with Nav Canada and/or with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in any way or form.

2 This feature is for experimental purposes only and the user must apply the "see and be seen" principle.

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